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Sabtu, 07 Februari 2009

TIPS : Motivate Junior level to use English

Students often do not feel comfortable using English in the English classroom because they lost of their self-confident. Teenagers are very sensitive. In this situation, teacher must guide them patiently.

Here are the tips for helping them :

1.First, provide visual material them. It should be familiar with their environment.
2.Build words as many as possible to the target language
3.Practice the words through reading together with them.
4.Get the meaning of the words : temporary meaning
5.Ask one by one students to read, teacher must check out students sound production.
6.Write the words through the sentences
7.Give them with the real meaning of words in the sentence.
8.Reflection: let’s talk with your students. It is for best learning outcome to your teaching.

These ways may be the one way of millions ways to your successfully teaching. This writing is written through my experiences. If readers are interested in carrying out the research, I please you to try it. An d I hope that you are the best researcher.